PSDK changelog

Beta .25.9 released on 05/12/2021

Bug fixes:
- open_move_reminder crashing because it was using wrong local variable name
- Perish song could be used several times
- changing the position of the message box lead to wrong positioning of sub layout (name)
- Using healing item from shortcut would use it on current Pokemon leading to revive healing current Pokemon
- sacred_ash crashing when being used
- battler_attacks_before? crashing when a Pokemon from parameter was switched in

- failed message when move accuracy check fails now shows the same message kind as in BDSP
- script command will automatically report parenthesis & coma on previous line if it's in beginning of the line.

- [follow=id] in event name make the event follow the event id
Beta .25.8 released on 27/11/2021

Bug fixes:
- Fix switch prevention of ingrain (+add message on failure)
- Fix enemy switch requesting player's switch if switched PKMN not KO
- Fix victory bgm not playing
- Fix Leech Seed - Fix Rough Skin & Iron Barbs
- Fix RateHealItem crash in battle
- Fix to evolve by weather (using symbol)
- Fix language falling back to english when no language choice is possible
- Add on_post_damage_death for Air Balloon, Rocky Helmet, Shell Bell
- Fix life orb with multi hit moves and damage with sheer force ability
- Truant not reset if switch
- Fix moves that never miss like Feint Attack
- Fix Sucker Punch
- Fix critical hit and efficiency messages
- Fix exp distribution for non-global exp
- Fix determine_article and improve some code lines in Shop_Actions
- Fix battle crash when AI uses an Item
- Fix quest data from old save
- Fix Regenerator ability

- Update Crit rates & Crit damages to fit the Gen6 standards
- Message no longer parasite the scene. They have completely been reworked and have their on "Message" System
- Repository module has been removed in favour of explicit calls
- All the system are not classified under the System folder using the "Feature" organisation instead of PFM/GamePlay/UI organization

- Implement receiver and power of alchemy abilities
- Add resolution settings (by Metaiko)
- Created Aurora Veil's effects (by invatorzen)
Beta .25.7 released on 24/10/2021

Bug fixes:
- F9 debug crashing when pressing F9
- Soft reset not taking in account language selection when no save was saved
- Pokémon refusing to get catch in Great Ball
- Follower floating in diagonal stairs
- Having your whole team faint when battling with an Ally (Friend trainer) stopped the battle. Now Ally trainer will try to defeat the opponents!

- PC UI now read the translation (for baguette user)
- play_decision_se, play_cursor_se, play_buzzer_se etc... are now available in all context!

- Pursuit move
- Alternative form of Pokémon (shaymin, tornadus, thundurus, landorus, kyurem, keldeo, meloetta, aegislash)
Beta .25.6 released on 28/09/2021

Bug fixes:
- New line added after each RMXP message
- Follower in IcePuzzle not following immediately (note if the queue is longer than the distance between two rock, it might bug again!)
- 2 Bugs related to quest
- Compilation of project under accented pathname (
- EventText2CSV removing previously translated lines

- Cursor over the Box name
- .gameopts file allowing default settings like --scale=2
- --lang= option

- Now language is asked after splashes and never asked again once you have 1 save
Beta .25.5 released on 19/09/2021

Bug fixes:
- Draining move crashing the game
- Crash caused by level_up when move learned on a substitute
- Rare Candy allowing egg to level up
- Several loyalty (happiness) issue
- Choice item still locking the move after switch
- Absurd amount of exp given in Duo battles
- Knock off deleting player's item forever
- Some daycare issues (light ball, nature inheritance, etc...)
- Roaming Pokémon making the AI crash when attempting to flee
- Nature Power crash
- language_selection_enabled = false was not preventing the game from showing language selection
- FlashFire, Defog

New Feature:
- :[align=center]: and :[align=right]: now align the message center and right
- Gif compilation (no longer needed to copy the gif separately)
- Battle Events:
- It's now possible to define your own battle modes
- New Quest System & UI
Beta .25.4 released on 22/08/2021

Bug fixes:
- additional_compatibility_script was interpreted as psdk_compatibility_script in PluginManager
- Scheduler.__remove_task not accepting :any
- Trainer battle command did not reset the variables related to trainer battle id.
- Crash when clicking on button in Party_Selector
- Effect running on dead Pokémon (allowing some to come back to life after being KOd during the turn)
- Some effect were played on the Pokémon twice if the Pokémon was the target of its own move
- DestinityBond remaining
- LeechSeed not affected by RapidSpin
- StealthRock using the wrong formula
- Bad Dreams affecting the user instead of the sleeping foes of the user.
- Hydration doing stuff it's not intended to do at end of turn
- Leppa Berry displaying wrong message
- ForceSwitch Moves allowing player to choose which Pokemon to switch
- Crash of the game while walking in the grass because wild battle did not construct BattleInfo
- WideGuard not working at all
- Illusion copying ability
- Powder moves hitting grass Pokémon
- Draining Move not triggering effect like Sturdy
- FutureSight hitting one turn in advance
- HighJumpKick not dealing damage to use when hitting ghost type Pokémon
- SmackDown not affecting Flying type Pokémon
- Sticky Barbs crashing when damage are received outside of move usage
- Ball not consumed when used from shortcut
- Wonder Guard not showing when it triggers
- AirBalloon not showing message when Switched in
- Entry Hazard not applying when target is out of reach

- Explosion & Self Destruct added.
- Graphics.screen_scale= Allowing to change the scale of the window ingame
- State Machines in order to build scene

- UI::BlurScreenshot is now able to take a viewport as first parameter (second because scene to blur if you use viewport)
Beta .25.3 released on 31/07/2021

Bug fixes:
- Blizzard not succeeding in hail
- Hurricane not defined
- SolarBeam power issue
- SolarPower working without sunny weather
- DrySking not healing enough HP
- Nuzlocke not working properly
- Rest lasting only 1 turn
- [WAIT X] not working in CSV if it's the last command of the message
- is_player_follower? always returning false

- Last used item in battle can be used with V in action selection
- db_symbol no longer allow special characters (é)
- duplicate db_symbol gets expanded with 2 3 4 ... (preventing items like Bike from not working)

- Battle::AI::MoveHeuristicBase (allowing to define specific move heuristic with specific minimum AI level)
Beta .25.2 released on 25/07/2021

Bug fixes:
- An issue with viewport.zom
- Crash of the Flee action of Roaming Pokémon
- Crash for the LureBall & DiveBall
- Level 100 Pokémon not getting EV
- Crash when attempting to use an evolution stone
- Ball being used twice when catching Pokémon

- nature based evolution criteria
- any_pokemon? method on Storage
- PSDK Plugin Manager
Beta .25.1 released on 19/07/2021

Bug fixes:
- Frustration, GyroBall & Return having real_base_power defined as private
- Input.trigger?(:down) not working as in .24 (alias were not ported to .25 now they are and you can add alias if you want to)
- AI switching out the same Pokémon to the field twice in 2v2 when it controls two Pokémon.
- Echoed Voice & Reflect Type crashing from AI or when used
- animate_from_charset broken by Ruby 3.0 due to keyword arguments
- AI mega evolving a Pokémon it immediately switching out
- Graphics.shader closing the Window (you can now use sc_sabr again ;))

- FPS Balancer now use an expected frame index instead of delta time to know how much frame to execute/skip (delta causes too much deviation).
Beta .25.0 released on 16/07/2021

Changes :
- Title screen shows splashes (customizable) & credit scenes
- Load screen changed and allow you to have unlimited saves
- Save screen looks like Load screen and allow you to overwrite any save
- PSDK now uses LiteRGSS2 & Ruby 3.0.1
- Item data structure changed
- It is no longer possible to draw inside "Bitmap" (you have to use Image instead)
- Input module is now fully defined in Ruby World
- Battle UI was reworked
- Battle Engine was reworked

New feature :
- AI level (you can define your own custom AIs)
- Easy ability, item, move effect implementation
- 2v2 battle using two enemy trainer using start_double_trainer_battle(trainer_id, second_trainer_id)
- 2v2 battle with friend trainer using start_double_trainer_battle_with_friend(trainer_id, second_trainer_id, friend_trainer_id)
Alpha 24.36 released on 20/07/2019
Bug fix :
- Switched Pokemon was no longer receiving EXP
- Flash Fire ability made the game crash

Changes :
- Move Reminder UI looks a bit better (Some change will be done in the future)

New feature :
- You can now add custom memo string (done for egg info given by the DayCare)
- Interpreter is now able to interpret pure ruby events
- \n[1] in panel text will be replaced by player name, \v[n] will be replaced by the value of variable n, \c[x] will change the color of the whole panel text to the x color
- If you change text from Ruby Host, it'll be updated when PSDK is launched (it takes some time in the screen title)
Alpha 24.35 released on 14/07/2019
Bug fix :
- Fixed a fatal bug that make all battle crash
- Fixed some Graphic bug with the Exp Bar in the summary screen

Changes :
- Added function for move reminder : can_move_reminder_be_called? to prevent calling move reminder on Pokemon that cannot learn move from it. The picture shows how to do it correctly
Alpha 24.34 released on 13/07/2019
Changes :
- Added missing graphic files (exp bar, ball select)
- Enabled move_reminder command
- Add task to fix save from Alpha 24.18 (old worldmap system)
Alpha 24.33 released on 13/07/2019
Bug Fix :
- Wait all event command blocked by other events using PathFinding.
- Gender not being fetched correctly from Ruby Host groups/trainer
- Trainer battler going in front of MessageBox
- Useless move not displaying the target
- Player not shown in NameInput UI

New Feature :
- MoveReminder added : use move_reminder command after calling call_party_menu and checking that variable 26 (TMP1) is not -1.

Changes :
- Exp/HP bar added in summary UI
- The menu can be closed using the same key you used to open it
- Weather script is now more plug & play and allow to add new weather
Alpha 24.32 released on 01/07/2019
Bug Fix:
- Loading text file crashing in Debug
Alpha 24.31 released on 30/06/2019
Make a backup of your game before updating!
Bug Fix:
- Gender rate in form ignored
- Bide crash (Patience)
- Deleting event make events from other map take place of deleted event
- Crash in Load menu
- soft reset crashing the game when item was being given
- move invoking other move crash

New feature :
- Script context index loading (preventing script like update.rb from loading all of the PSDK scripts without using them)
- All texts are now using CSV. To convert PSDK Data Base to CSV use :
Game --util=text2csv

- CSV text should now be compiled, use :
Game --util=compile_text --script_context=script_index_text_compile.txt

Changes :
- Worldmap resources has been moved in graphics/interface/worldmap (extract the 7z file in Graphics/Interface).
- Worldmap now display icons instead of characters
Type de fichier joint : archive
125.76 KB
Warning, some methods were renamed, you should CTRL+H all the following methods :
- _ext to ext_text
- _get to text_get
- _parse to parse_text
- _parse_with_pokemon to parse_text_with_pokemon
(In your custom scripts)
Alpha 24.30 released on 23/06/2019
Bug Fix :
- Berry not removed when used in battle
- Some NoMethodError during battle
Alpha 24.29 released on 22/06/2019
Bug Fix :
- Roost making the game crash
- Wrong label in trade UI
- Summary showing Egg info
- Tarticho glitch

Added :
Some PNG files (from Pokedex & Interface).
Alpha 24.28 released on 17/06/2019
Bug Fix :
- Fog not having tone
- Fishing after Biking make the player keep its bike speed
- Some battle bugs
- FMOD : Invalid Handle was used
- Weather takes 40 frame to stop when going inside
- Event moved back to their original position after loading save
- Pokemon Battler function returning nil instead of a Bitmap when the battler wasn't found
- Potential Soft Lock when Audio.bgm_stop was called from Audio.bgm_play
- Calling Surf from Menu on non-passable tiles
- Warping while surfing on land let the player in surf state
- Saving below a bridge allowed player to get on the bridge when loading the save
- PSS Trade UI showing the wrong choice option

New Feature :
- Path Finding
- VoltorbFlip Game
- Party Selector (Battle Frontier / Online Battle)
- Slope System Tag is back
- Multi-Region Worldmap
- Form Calibration is defined with Blocks in PFM::Pokemon::FORM_CALIBRATE[db_symbol]
- Evolving Pokemon can change form (if defined in PFM::Pokemon::FORM_CALIBRATE)
- Form Generation ( is defined with Blocks in PFM::Pokemon::FORM_GENERATION[db_symbol]
- animate_from_charset(lines, duration) in move_route plays animation showing the 4 frame of the specified lines in the charset.
- Game debug skip_title from cmd.bat allow to skip the title screen.
- PFM::Pokemon::EVOLVE_ON_FORM0 can be set to false to tell PSDK to check evolution inside the Pokemon form instead of the original Pokemon.

Changes :
- Given / Caught Pokemon registered to the Pokedex even if it's disabled
- Scheduler.add_proc now take a block instead of a proc parameter.
- WetSand System Tag has now an particle animation

New Bugs :
- Events gets locked until another event following a Path from Path Finding finish (Will get fixed in Alpha 24.29)
Alpha 24.27 released on 18/05/2019
Bug fix :
- Crash of the SystemTag Editor
- When poisoned Pokémon was being cured, the wrong Pokémon name was shown
Alpha 24.26 released on 18/05/2019
Bug fix :
- Ditto not transforming back to ditto when caught
- Game freezing when a Wild battle triggers between the tall grass and normal grass
- Flying anywhere
- Crash of the game when the Saves folder doesn't exists
- Finished quests check twice putting the quest in an undefined state
- Berries supposed to give EV doesn't give you the option to choose the Pokemon getting the EV
- Pokémon that should be 100% male getting genderless

Changes :
- Optimization of the UI::DexWinInfo class
- Font are now loaded during Window opening, you should edit your scripts that change the fonts :
-- Instead of using Fonts.load_font for font 0, 1 & 20 you should change the following variable :
class Font
FONT_POKEMON = "new_main_font"
FONT_SMALL = 13 # New size
FONT_SIZE = 26 # Twice the FONT_SMALL size
FONT_POKEMON_SMALL = "new battle_bar font"

If you want to add new fonts you should do it like this :
Graphics.on_start do
Fonts.load_font(id, 'filename_in_Fonts')
Fonts.set_default_size(id, default_size) # default size should be an integer
# If id > 20 add the following lines
sh_color =, 208, 200) # it's the outside color
Fonts.define_shadow_color(id, sh_color)
Fonts.define_outline_color(id, cnt_color)
Fonts.define_fill_color(id,, 180, 240)) # Change the color

- Now you can use VSCode with the LiteRGSS doc :
Alpha 24.25 released on 05/05/2019
Bug fix :
- return_to_scene making the game crash because of its visibility
- number of frame shown of Pokémon Icons in various scene
- giving item to Pokémon when party is empty making the game crash (not possible anymore)
- Pokémon Info shown in the Pokédex when not caught (by @joeyw )

Changes :
- EV are locked to 252 instead of 255 (by @Rey )
- It's now possible to define the size used in the add_text command with the size_id: key

New Feature :
- KeyBinding UI. You can change the binding in the game by using F1. The new binding will be stored in Saves/inputs.yml
Alpha 24.24 released on 27/04/2019
Bug fix :
- 1HP pokemon healing poison state when they aren't poisoned
- Pokéball Shaking 4 times instead of 3

New feature :
- Scheduler::EventTasks allowing to define task on specific event when they start or finish to move/jump/slide. (used to fix the 1HP bug)
- Pokemon Icon now has female version
Alpha 24.23 released on 22/04/2019
Bug fix :
- National dex list generation crash
- Gif Battler in wild encounter invisible during the transition

New feature :
- Pictures (event command) now support GIF image. (Be careful to manually copy the gif to your game release since they're not included in the archives)
Alpha 24.22 released on 20/04/2019
Bug fix :
- Move list not correctly refreshed when the Pokemon has less than 4 move
- Crash caused by the LiteRGSS when pressing F9
- Crash when closing the Game Window

Change :
- Index correction using conditions instead of a modulo operation
Alpha 24.21 released on 19/04/2019
Bug fix :
- Crash when a GamePlay::Base UI has no message window and quit.
- Crash when a message contain a gender branch / num branch
- Using HM from the Party Menu does not remove the front event

Changes :
- Updated the LiteRGSS version with the work of @Scorbutics on the Graphics part
- Types should now be translated
- The new summary UI is here :)
Alpha 24.20 released on 18/04/2019
You have to run Game --util=update_24_20 in cmd.bat once you updated your PSDK version. (This ensure the Common events are translated)
Vous devez exécuter Game --util=update_24_20 depuis cmd.bat quand vous aurez mis à jour votre version de PSDK. (Ca fait en sorte à ce que les évènements communs soient traduits)

Merci à @Rey pour la traduction !

Bug fix :
- Evolution doesn't register the Pokemon as caught.
- Showing Gold Window in message add # in your message.
- Shop list going out of its window
- Choice cursor shown at the wrong index with choice command when you have more than 9 choices.
- Crash during text parsing because of unexciting values in the replacements.
- Crash when you load the game from a very old version of PSDK & some quest doesn't exist
- Stone Item not working

Changes :
- BattleGround script got its constant rewritten
- RPG::Cache now returns an empty bitmap if the filename is empty
- true & false are now Booleans you can do variable.is_a?(Boolean)
- Missing resource image changed to a [?] with a red background.
Alpha 24.19 released on 18/03/2019
Bug fix :
- "Missing Ressource" shown on invisible events in release mode
- Name of the bag pocket not translated to english
- Number of Pokemon obtained overlapping with the "Obtained:" text
Alpha 24.18 released on 17/03/2019
Bug fix :
- Setting screen tone to 0,0,0,0 when the tint system is disabled gives the wrong tone
- Putting priority tile on layer 3 remove the priority tile on layer 2 (when 2 layers is allowed for the priority tile)
Alpha 24.17 released on 16/03/2019
Bug Fix:
- Crash when you add a Pokémon that doesn't exist using add_egg or add_specific_pokemon
- PFM::Pokemon#can_learn? not telling master_moves (move tutor) can be learnt
- Pokémon Dying on map when poisoned
- Crash of the game when an autotile doesn't exists

New feature :
- TilemapWithLessSprites (giving a huge boost of Ruby FPS) This feature is in test phase
- Pressing F2 enable or disable FPS display
- Pressing F3 disable or enable FPS balancing (making the game running at 60FPS when VSYNC is not available)

Changes :
- Tileset will all be generated in a 4096x4096 texture (new name : _._ingame)
=> This restrict RMXP tilesets to 256x65536 (16384 tiles)
- Missing ressources display a "Missing Ressource" image instead of nothing
Alpha 24.16 released on 25/02/2019
Bug Fix:
- Snow group not loading
- PSS UI choice not giving the right UI

Additions :
- pick_item(item_id, quantity = 1) command that helps to make an ball on the ground that gives an item like a potion (the event will be removed once the item is given)
- give_item(item_id, quantity = 1) command that helps a PNJ to give you items.
- F9 UI showing the group & the system tags
Alpha 24.15 released on 20/02/2019
Change made to the add_item function :
add_item(item_id, true/false, text_id: 0)
=> obtained
add_item(item_id, true/false, text_id: 1)
=> obtained the
add_item(item_id, true/false)
=> found

Item name is automatically put in blue.
There's also a count: parameter that allows to give more than 1 item
Alpha 24.14 released on 19/02/2019
Bug fix:
- Starting a new game when a game already exists sets the language to French. (Now it's set to the save state language)

Addition :
- Sprite_Character::TILE_ZOOM to allow 32x32 tiled games
Alpha 24.13 released on 17/02/2019
Bug fix :
- Player locked in running state when detected by an event (trainer_spotted)
- State healing item not working

New feature :
- Walking in grass make a sound
- Jumping make a sound
Alpha 24.12 released on 14/02/2019
Bug fix :
- Player moving out of the screen center when he sunk in the deep swamp
- Event follower being removed from the queue when you load the save (your Alpha 24.11 save won't put back the event behind the player)
- Scene_NameInput don't close the window when you want to close it
- Cosplay pikachu not having their appearance because the picture were badly named (now the form is privilegied over the gender).
Alpha 24.11 released on 13/02/2019
This update is a revert to Alpha 23.31 with some additions from Alpha 24.

Thing that no longer works :
- Buble particle
- Going underwater animation
- NavMap
- DynamicNavMap
- Slopes
- Scripted condition
- ComCom

The thing that I added in Alpha 24 (language selection, :on_transition_message, egg animation, new UI) still works (should at least).

New feature in Alpha 24.11 :
- get_character(id).offset_screen_y to change y screen position in demi-pixels
- get_character(id).offset_shadow_screen_y to change the y screen position of the shadow in demi-pixels
- Adding [offset_y=value] in the name of an event change its offset_screen_y by default
- Adding [particle=off] disable the automatic particles when the event walks
- Adding [sprite=off] disable the creation of a Sprite (including shadow & particles) on the event.
- When you walk on sand or snow it make footprint. (There's no particles for the bike...)
- When you write help in the terminal, you get a list of command you can use in it
- When you start a new game, it tells you the information about the starting point (@Zeak so you'll be able to know if it's an event bug or RMXP that gives the wrong information)
- Using :[city=name]: in a message will display the image Graphics/Pictures/name.png in the message (like the city panel in DPP)
- $pokemon_party.find_pokemon(hash) returns the Pokemon (or nil) that match the hash info (see demo)
- gp.change_z_with_follower(z) update the z position of the player and its follower (making non-glitched transition in order to use the bridges)
- gp.reset_follower removes the events from the Follower of the Player (you can make an event follows the Player, see demo)
- Event without appearance has no shadow
- The player has a little state machine to allow the selection of the right character
Alpha 24.10 released on 22/01/2019
Changes :
Pokémon Abilities now updates when they evolve or change form
PSDK script loading use script_index.txt instead of searching each scripts (project compilation does the same)
Alpha 24.9 released on 21/01/2019
Bug fixes :
- Crash of turn_away_from_position
- Fluctuant exp curve having the wrong factor (delete your Data/Exptable.rxdata to recalculate the exp curve)
- HM01 not learnable (it was considered as an healing item)

New Feature :
- The :on_transition message in the Scheduler that allows to add task/messages when Graphics.transition is called. (DynamicLight)
Alpha 24.8 released on 14/01/2019
Bug fixes :
- Message setting being ignored
- Soft Reset ignored until the message was totally shown
- Evolved Pokémon Sprite was at the top left corner of the screen instead of the middle
- Map bgm were played after Soft Reset during battle
- Save state weren't reloaded after Soft Reset

New Feature :
- Egg hatching animation
- DynamicMapNav : calculation of the passabilities during the gameplay instead of before

Changes :
- The constant Text::Util::DEFAULT_OUTILINE_SIZE was renamed to Text::Util::DEFAULT_OUTLINE_SIZE.
Alpha 24.7 released on 06/01/2019
Bug fixes :
- Battle Message synchronization (always skipped)

New features :
- GamePlay::Load::DEFAULT_GAME_LANGUAGE allows you to select the default language of your game if the player has no language choice or if the Movie Intro Map is loaded
- GamePlay::Load::LANGUAGE_CHOICE_LIST is the list of language in your game. Make it empty to skip the language choice.
- GamePlay::Load::LANGUAGE_CHOICE_NAME is the list shown on screen if LANGUAGE_CHOICE_LIST is not empty
- Scene_Title::INTRO_MOVIE_MAP_ID is the ID of the map you want to use as Movie Intro Map. If it's not 0 it'll warp the player at the coordinate 0, 0 on this map.
- Scene_Title::TITLE_BGM_LENGTH is the lenght in PCM unit of the Title BGM (used to return to splash)
- Scene_Title::TITLE_BGM_NAME is the path of the title BGM
Alpha 24.6 released on 06/01/2019
Bug fixes :
- Freeze of various scene because of the new Message Window
- Crash of the trade interface once the trade is done
- Crash of the MapLinker when a it was disabled and is enabled during a new warp

Changes :
- Graphics now ignore terminal interactions if it crashes when it try (Game-noconsole.exe)
Alpha 24.5 release on 04/01/2019
Bug fixes :
- Scripted Conditon compiled loop on compiled project
- Going outside of the Pokedex List using right arrow key
- Game_Map adding events in the map before the Spriteset_Map was created when going out of battles

Changes :
The message window in all GamePlay::XXX was changed from Window_Message to Yuki::Message, same for battle.
Can someone test all the interface (evolution included) to tell me if it's not broken ?
Alpha 24.4 released on 02/01/2019
Bug fixes :
- SystemStackError when playing an animation on character.
- Wrong coordinate stored when the MapLinkerDisable switch is changed.

New feature :
- MapsNavigation::AUTO_REBUILD_DISABLED can be set to true in order to prevent Map recompilation when you update the events of your map

Bug found :
- Some event won't load because of the follow me system when you add them after you saved in game.
- Some scripted condition doesn't get parsed when the map is rebuilt
- The follower can spawn in a wall
Alpha 24.3 released on 30/12/2018
Bug fixes :
- Crash of the SystemTagEditor when the tags were generated by tiled2rxdata
- Crash of the Pokemon_Shop UI when used

New feature :
- Ability to display the name of the one who is speaking using :[name=Name]: in the message
- Ability to display the face of those who are speaking using : :[name=Name;face=xposition,battlername,opacity,mirrored]: (You can defined as many faces as you want if you separate all the face= by a semi-colon). xposition is a number corresponding to the x position on the screen, if the number is negative it starts from the right part of the screen. opacity is an optionnal number between 0 & 255, mirrored is an optionnal boolean that can be true if you want to vertically flip the battler. Battler name is the name of the file without .png in the Graphics/Battler folder. Example : :[name=Yuri;face=-64,051_sma,255,true;face=64,026_sma,128]:
- Warp utility to directly warp to an event of another map :, event_id, transition_type = 0, offset_x: 0, offset_y: 1, direction: 0)
Alpha 24.2 released on 26/12/2018
Bug fixes :
- Offset error of the North/South linked map leading to a bad visual effect
- add_z wasn't applied to the :center_pos particles

New features :
- Instead of editing the execute_action method of Yuki::Particle_Object you now only have to write :
Yuki::Particle_Object.add_handler(:name_of_the_action, :chara) do |data|
# do something with data

- Navmap are now automatically regenerated when you changed a map.
- Tileset are now automatically regenerated when you update the source tileset used by RMXP

Coming back features :
- Sprite_Picture now process tone & blend_mode like it did under the RGSS era

Addition :
- English translation of the Demo Zone